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11 Days…

Getting crates ready to send to storage.

Crate Expectations.

Part of the planned resetting of the studio was getting some of the gaming consoles into TK’s room and out of the main studio space. This was because he has two CRT TVs in his room, which we wanted to use to expand the Playstation 2 network to 5 out of 6 consoles set up and ready. While all 6 are technically setup and ready, two of them share the same TV, thus only 5 are available at any one time. Prior to the move around, however, only 3 were available – so those CRTs needed setting up.

So the first thing to do was to start crating stuff up. TK’s room was filled with boxes that hadn’t been opened since the move. They were filled with bedding, curtains, lego, model railway stuff, and a whole treasure trove of other things. The cardboard on these boxes was getting a little ratty, so items were transposed into the plastic packing crates used to store the retro gaming hardware. There were many trips to Argos, and many times Argos delivered more crates to the studio at 9pm as TK took advantage of same-day delivery.

Moving all this stuff out of TK’s room meant that the lounge was soon almost permanently filled with crates, and as neither TK nor Hedgie drive, the kindness of Echo and others was somewhat abused in assisting with trips to the storage locker. Of course, moving things to the locker wasn’t the only task needed to get TK’s room in a state to setup the CRT TVs, but that’s another blog post.

The countdown continues…

An empty storage locker.  It was not destined to stay empty much longer...

An empty storage locker. It was not destined to stay empty much longer…

A few of the crates of stuff from TK's room.

A few of the crates of stuff from TK’s room.

12 Days…

This was going to be a short post to announce something…

We’re getting some new jingles!

Which made me think, while the fact the jingles are powered by an Andriod mobile phone app has been mentioned in the past, we’ve never gone into detail about it. Since we’re doing some behind the scenes posts in the run-up to Season 11, now seems like the perfect time.

Unity has many uses. From great 3D games like City Skylines, to lazy asset flips which flood Steam. It also makes a great simple soundboard. Originally Unity 4 was used, so TK had to code scripts to make the jingles happen – but with Unity 5 came UI elements and buttons were part of this. This means that he can assign the built-in audio player to a button and just trigger the Play() function via the OnClick of a UI button. This has the benefit of being ridiculously easy to create, but does come with the downside of being unable to be stopped when started. If someone who actually knows what they’re doing wants to get in touch – the email address is in the Contact Us page…

The picture below is the progress so far of the update. It’s mostly the same as the Season 10 app, with one button changed from an old alternate News jingle to a jingle from 2006. Long time listeners will probably be able to spot which one it is. The new jingles have just been ordered, as they’re obviously not made in-house, and will be replacing 4 of the existing buttons with one more being added in that handy empty slot. This does mean TK might be getting rid of the Drama button (cue Drama sound effect) and replacing it with a jingle… We shall see.

The countdown continues…

Programming the phone app to make the jingles happen.

A work-in-progress screenshot of updating the jingles app for Season 11.

13 Days…

The PS1 Link cable, just one part of the many retro gaming pieces used for TigerTails Gaming.

The countdown continues.

Thanks to the exploits of TigerTails Gaming, not only is the studio filled with podcasting and live streaming equipment, it’s also full of retro gaming hardware. One of the challenges faced during the studio move-around after Season 10 ended was where to put everything both during the downtime and afterwards. The solution to this was to get a storage locker and fill it with the things we might need in the future, but not on a constant basis. However, this came with the problem of needing to find something to store all the stuff in once inside the unit. Thankfully, Argos to the rescue with their stackable plastic crates. The first things to be crated were the retro consoles that wasn’t already plugged into anything or already boxed up and their associated accessories/cables.

There is nothing that can teach you just how much stuff you have than having to crate it all up and send it to storage. It took a while, but soon 5 crates of at-the-time unused retro gear were ready to be stored. A crate of Megadrive stuff (including 3 spare consoles and a MegaCD 2), one filled with Sega Saturn stuff, one of Nintendo things, and two Playstation crates. Considering the studio has a 6 console PS2 LAN, it’s not surprising that there were 2 Playstation crates. One thing to note: None of these crates contained any games…

Once the retro console stuff was safely stored, it was time to start crating the rest. But that’s for later…

All the spare consoles and gear crated up

All the spare consoles and gear crated up

The Playstation crates, and all of the A/V leads that come with them...

The Playstation crates, and all of the A/V leads that come with them…

14 Days…

Moving the studio gear into a secure storage location while things were sorted out.

That’s right, on Monday 16 April 2018, TigerTails Radio will return for our first test show of Season 11. We have new equipment, new things, and at popular request we’ve hidden TK away from the action. Well, not so much hidden as buried. You’ll see what we mean.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of photos of how the studio looked in December as things were being reorganised. There was much chaos that went on. Things are much better now, of course. Not yet perfect, but we have 14 whole days to figure that out. Which isn’t all that long, actually. Oh bother, best get the duster out and get busy.

Let the countdown begin…

Some of the mess during the studio sort out and move

Some of the mess during the studio sort out and move

Some of the mess during the studio sort out and move

Some of the mess during the studio sort out and move


For those paying attention, during this downtime between Seasons 9 and 10, the studio is being reformatted so that all the audio equipment is removed from TK’s room and moved into the lounge so that all the cast in the studio can be on camera at once (camera angles allowing). Not just that, but thanks to White Virus (from BeatPort FM, the new name of Virus Core Radio from the BritFur FM days) we now have some rather wonderful CD technology added into the mix. This means that we’ll be doing something resembling preparation before each show for Season 10. It feels strange and weird. Before all that, however, has been the task of moving furniture, and throwing things out in order to make space for all this to happen.Work in Progress
As you can see from the progress picture, things are well on the way. What you can see in the picture is the furniture now in the lounge with the Shoutcast broadcasting machine and the “XavierPC” (the one used for the Google+ Hangout with Xavier when he remotes into the studio) both in place. The mixers are in location, with the CD players below the black mixers, and the compressor under it all. What you can’t see is the chaos behind the camera, as one section of the lounge is ruined to make another tidy. However, once TK’s room is sorted, things can be put straight. This means things are still on schedule for our restarting in November as planned.


Now, to wrap this post up. There are still a few things to be wired in for TigerTails Gaming, plus one or two other bits or bobs. Then there is the task of tackling TK’s room (which now no longer has any PCs in it). Watch this space for more info on when the show is coming back. All being well, early November for the test shows, with the main Season 10 starting mid-November with any luck. Until then, farewell.

12th Anniversary YouTube Special Show

On this day in 2004, TK and Hedgie broadcast the first ever episode of TigerTails Radio from a flat in the deepest, darkest depths of southern England. It proved popular enough to broadcast for a second night, then a third, then a fourth, and then it kept airing for a whole year until July 20 2005. Since then the show has had 8 other seasons and only last week aired Episode 52 of Season 9, ending that current run.

To celebrate this fact, the cast of TigerTails Radio have created a very special celebration show for you all to enjoy as we look back over the last 12 years of fun had in the studio. This retrospective contains video clips, artwork, and photos from the show’s history, including some never-before-seen footage outside of a live show. Yes, this includes footage from the now hidden Drunk Show from Season 7 – the fabled Episode 53! Hosted by Xavier and Hedgie on camera, with TK being his Voice in the Booth as per normal.

Coming in at a massive 2 hours and 47 minutes long, featuring messages from previous hosts and guests Wardy, Southpaw, Salamander 3, Felis, and White Virus, this episode of TigerTails Radio is made for YouTube (and therefore will not count towards the total number of shows) and is the most comprehensive history of TigerTails Radio so far, and you can watch it by clicking play on the video below…

A Quick Note On Copyrights

Season 9 has been the first in quite a while where you, the listener, has been able to submit songs for us to play on the show. We play Creative Commons music, or copyrighted music which we have permission to play. When submitting songs to us, we ask that you also provide copyright information for it, either to show it’s Creative Commons or to show that the owner has given TigerTails Radio permission to play it. Check out the Submit a Song section above to see how you can submit music to us.

The copyright thing, however, is really important. You would be surprised how many submissions that have had to be rejected due to not including any copyright information. This happened recently when a song was submitted with a link to the SoundCloud page. The page contained no info if it was Creative Commons so we had to reject it. However the person who submitted it went and got the permission and so we played the song.

Getting the permission changed this:
Copyright Claim

To this:
Copyright Released

And this was in 24 hours of submitting the permission to the agents working for the copyright holder. Got to give RepostNetwork respect for their swift actions.

So, if you’ve had a song submission rejected, now you see why. And if you’re submitting a song please ensure you are able to tell us the copyright situation so TigerTails Radio knows where it stands. As the above shows, knowledge is power.

And we all like power, don’t we?


Some people have asked how to get involved as a contestant in the Quiplash games we play on the show, so I thought I’d break down how it normally goes…

At 9pm UK time, the news segment is normally starting to end. This is the best time to make sure you’ve tuned in (though, of course, you should be tuned in for the whole show!). After the post-news song has finished, the Quiplash game screen will be shown along with the code to take part. Just log into and enter the code to play.

The main game screen is on the YouTube feed, though the audio is pumped though the radio-only feed. The game itself is played on a mobile/tablet/laptop/PC (mobile/tablet is best as that allows you to keep up with the main game screen on the laptop/PC) and is comprised of 3 rounds.

The first two rounds involve answering 2 questions on your device – this bit is timed to 90 seconds, so pay attention to your device on the game start and do not rely on the stream as lag could give you less time to answer. Once all questions have been answered, you get to vote on your favourite answer to the other questions. Again, the time you get to vote is limited, so keep an eye on your device. The YouTube feed can then be used to keep track of the scores and to see how others have voted.

Round 3 is the final, and everyone gets the same single question. Again, this is timed – and the time limit is shorter, so pay attention to your device to make sure you get the whole amount of time. Contestants then get 3 votes to cast on which answer(s) they like the best.

If you miss out on the chance to be a contestant (or don’t want to take part in the Q&A part) you can still influence the game by being in the audience. You don’t get to answer the questions, but you do get to vote on the answers, and the audience vote can be the deciding factor on who wins the question. there is a strict time limit on the voting, so pay attention to your device and don’t rely on the YouTube feed.

We normally play 2 games so if you miss the chance to take part in game 1, there is still a chance to join in, and you can always be in the audience for the rest of game 1.

If you have any further questions, ping them to us via email, or jump into the IRC channel (#tigertailsradio on the server) and we can tell you all you need to know.

Happy playing!

TigerTails Radio Comes Back In 2 Days

Season 9 Pre-Testing Show 00 will start on July 6th at 8pm. This will not be a normal format show, but will be a live-stream of us trying to get everything working, making the equipment play ball, and trying to figure out volume levels. The YouTube feed may go up and down a bit, though the live radio/podcast feed should be relatively unaffected. Please join us in IRC to let us know how well things are working.

As we also plan on bringing music back with this season, feel free to suggest artists you’d like to hear who have released their tunes under the Creative Commons license. You can reply with links below, poke us on Twitter @tigertailsradio, Facebook, or email them in at – whichever is easiest for you. If emailing your songs in, please also include a link to the page you got the song from so we can correctly credit in the show notes.

Not forgetting July 20th is our 11th anniversary show! There may, or may not, be a little bit of drinking going on. Maybe… The drunk show for this season may come early this time. Something to look forward to.

The Return of TigerTails Radio

Season 9 is coming. With our 11th birthday happening on Monday July 20th, we’re certainly hoping to get the show back up and running before then. Over 100m of new cable has been purchased and Thomas King has taken a moment from web development to create an Android App for TK to use to control the sound effects and jingles, thus removing a PSP from the list of equipment required to keep the show running.

The annoying whine in the YouTube feed could potentially be gone too (which is a good thing) thanks to a nice piece of kit TK managed to pick up recently – and we could even start broadcasting in 1080p now (Subject to bandwidth tests).

We have also started to approach musicians on FurAffinity as one of the requests we got for Season 9 was to bring music back. Still not entirely sure on the technical side of adding tunes to the show, but we can now broadcast in a high enough quality for YouTube not to murder the sound so it’s something we are looking to bring back. If you would like your original music pieces featured on TigerTails Radio, please do get in touch. You can email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Conversation with the team have gone well to suggest that a couple of test shows (to make sure everything works before the “official” start of the season) could be started as soon as Monday 06 July. So that’s our target. If this is going to move, we’ll keep you posted on our Facebook/Twitter feeds as well as this site.

TigerTails Radio Season 9 – Watch This Space…

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