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And We Return…

Not that we ever left, but the Google+ Plugin for WordPress failed, prompting a reinstall of the site. The database was undamaged though, so things should be pretty much back to normal. Got to love my web hosts, who don’t do WP support but did point me in the right direction. Much love goes their way. The TigerTails Gaming site was restored by deleting the G+ plugin. Simple when you know how.

As for the Internet problems that affected the show tonight, this is being looked into by BT and we should know by Wednesday what the state of play is.

For now, I’m going to edit tonight’s TubeCast as the YouTube direct feed will have missed bits. I might even push the boat out and sync the podcast audio to the video if possible so YouTube viewers can have cleaner audio and properly synced video! Call it an apology, if you will. I will then get back to NaNoWriMo – I’ve got a novel to finish.

Lack of Updates

Those paying attention may notice a lack of updates to this site.

This is due to the website hosting company announcing they are due to close. We are in the process of backing up and migrating to a new provider, but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties.

Rest assured that TigerTails Radio continues every Monday at 8pm UK time. You can catch up on all episodes on our YouTube page – – and we will continue to broadcast there regardless of site status. We will also be broadcasting on our Shoutcast stream for those who would rather just have the audio feed. Details of that on the Listen Page.

The website may fall off the Internet on August 1st, but rest assured if that happens it will only be a temporary thing and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. If we are not able to work through the problems in time, a holding page will be erected until we can get the site back up and running.

Remember, even if the website falls off the Internet, TigerTails Radio will continue to broadcast as normal – so please bookmark our streaming address or make a note of the server names and keep them safe – or you can also pop into IRC – #TigerTailsRadio – to get the streaming details there.

Thank you for your patience during this transitional phase.

Season 8 Start Date?

The next step on the journey towards Season 8 of TigerTails Radio has begun…

Following the sale of BE Internet to Sky, the cast have decided that it is time to break the shackles of ADSL2 and jump to the realm of Fibre! While it is only Fibre to the Cabinet, it should be a lot faster than the previous Internet connection. This means that TK is looking at doing one or two things for the show – or rather the YouTube bit. Firstly, it has been decided that Hangouts are gone. They worked for Season 7, but as the recent New Year’s show has demonstrated, they are no longer fit for our needs. This means that a new streaming option is required – and may have been found. More on that later.

Of course there will be some changes going on in the new season. Due to Real Life issues, Xavier will be no longer able to join us in the studio. So we have agreed upon a system that will hopefully solve the issues – or at least Make Do until a better solution appears. This means we have a rovering reporter, dogging it out in the middle of nowhere, sniffing out good news and reviews for us all. And easily mutable by TK should it all get a bit out of hand. Hopefully this means we can get Angel DarkSong to appear more often and fill the seat left in the studio. Plus there’s Hedgie when he isn’t working.

The start date looks to be some time in February for Season 8, as that’s when new Internets should have arrived and Xavier’s equipment up and running. So watch this space, as more info will arrive as soon as we get it.

Season 7 Special Show Incoming…

With Season 7 over, it is now time to have a good look back at the last 52 weeks of madness whilst consuming no small amount of potent alcoholic goodies. Yes folks, the long-awaited official TigerTails Radio Season 7 Drunk Show is upon us. TK, Felis, Xavier, and guest AngelDarkSong will be here from 8pm UK time to entertain you all, and to get royally drunk. Will TK need to place handy buckets down before the night is over? We shall see.

To listen live:
Head over to the Listen Page to see all the ways in which you can tune in to the audio feed (like an actual radio).

To watch live:
Head on over to our YouTube Channel and watch out for the Live Now notification to appear in our list of videos. Once we go live, a link to the actual video might appear in this spot.

Arse/Elbow Resolutions

It seems every time Google attempt to improve a service, they end up breaking it. I can’t remember the last time YouTube worked properly (no, the patch-work of cobbled together pieces of code that constitutes YouTube at the moment is not what I’d consider “working properly”), even though it’s going through constant upgrades. The new UI is a mess of left-alignment and white space, and the screenshots I’ve seen of the new upload screen (which I fear I might be suffering shortly) are frightful to say the least. Not to mention the YouTube Analytics/Adsense debacle (those who it’s affected will know what I mean there). Now Google has decided to “upgrade” Hangouts, using the G+ video chat platform to amalgamate all their chat and video conferencing products into one convenient clusterfuchs*. This has resulted in everything breaking, and the Hangouts On Air recordings vanishing into the Ether.

Thankfully, the guys on the support desk seem to be a little more on the ball. The very helpful Community Manager, Dori, has managed to coax the team behind Hangouts On Air into finding the recording of Season 7 Episode 28 – and I am now currently downloading it, in order to upload to YouTube. Score! While I hope this doesn’t happen again, I can’t promise it – so please bear with us as Google figures out how to get its products and services working properly.

Edit: The TubeCast is uploading now… While I type this. Should be a couple of hours before it has finished. Having stayed up all night watching the entirety of Robot Wars series 1 and 2, I might have gone to bed by then, so I’ll update the Podcast page later.

Second Edit: The TubeCast is now up on YouTube and linked to from the Episode 28 Podcast post. Go watch!

* Der Fuchs is, Google Translate informs me, the german term for The Fox. So it is reasonable to assume that Fuchs is Fox. Fox sounds like a word I’d love to use right now, especially as the German word when spoken rhymes with “ducks”. Riesendurcheinander is apparently the word I’d actually like to use according to one online translation tool, though Google translates it to “giant mess”. The wordplay on Fox/Fuchs is the basis for one of the shirts available in the Shopping page, featuring a cute cartoon fox – which you should totally go and check out.

BBQ On The Common #4

After talking about it during the show, TK has finally updated the social media with the event… No formal details released yet other than the date and time – but if you are interested in coming along, please confirm so on either our G+ page for the event, our Facebook page for the event, or by leaving a comment below – just so we can judge what kind of numbers to expect, and to make sure that no one is left behind when the day comes. Now for some handy information.

Date: Sunday 28 July 2013
Time: 12.00 – 18.00
Location: Southampton Common
Meeting Location: Outside the Platform 1 waiting room of Southampton Central Station

In The Event Of Rain: As the weather is reporting rain (typical), we do have a couple of options. There are local pubs, namely The Cowherds on the Common, which can provide shelter from the rain, and a wide selection of food and drinks – although prices aren’t the cheapest. A second option is to pay a visit to The Food Factory, which is an all-you-can-eat restaurant containing many different themed food areas. Price is £9.99 + drinks and is open from 12pm-4.30pm – For more info, see their website here:

And now for some links:

Google+ Event Link | Facebook Event Link

We hope to see you there. More information will be released nearer the time, and this post will be stickied and updated as and when we have more to shout about.

New IRC Chat Feature

There have been some people who have wanted to join in the IRC channel during the show, but have not had the time or inclination to download an IRC client, and then faff around with entering all the details… It’s all a big pain in the spare time. So let the lovely folk here at TigerTails Radio take that strain off, for you. Now featuring a whole new page. Look to the top-right. See those options? See the IRC Live Chat page? Behind that hyperlink is a Java based IRC chat room, and it’s all set up. Just enter in a nickname and off you go! It couldn’t be any easier than that!

Now, it is Java based, so you might be asked if you want to run the chat. Just allow it to run, and you’ll have IRC goodness at your fingertips within moments. Simple.

Welcome To WordPress

Look, it’s a post by the website admin, breaking the proverbial 4th wall and speaking to you all directly. Hello, I’m Thomas King and welcome to my ranting…

Well, it’s finally happened.  Only 5 months after starting up, the new look TigerTails Radio website has had to be remade.  Somehow I knew that it was all too easy, and something would go wrong.  Nice to see I was right.  However, that has meant that all the changes I had previously made to the main TigerTails site have been for the best, as it has allowed the installation of WordPress on the TigerTails Entertainment server, which means that the site is back on base turf, and not on someone else’s server.

So have a look at our new home.  I hope you like it.  We’ve gone back to the blues of Seasons 1 and 2, as I still like them even after all these years.  Call it harkening back to the good old days, when websites were coded in HTML and not PHP, and I didn’t have to learn things like WordPress, or even understand databases and how they are important.  Of course, Eeve3 will be pleased that I’ve been dragged (kicking and screaming) in to somewhat modern technology in terms of website administration, but I still miss the days of nested tables and simple tags that were self-explanatory instead of defined div statements and CSS.  Yes, I’m old.  Shut up.

What does this mean for TigerTails Radio?  Nothing, on the surface. Just a fresh coat of paint really.  Of course, it’s very different behind the scenes but that’s for me to worry about, not you.  Podcasts are still held off-site, and all the posts from the Posterous site managed to transfer over just fine (apart from the flash player, which I spent ages adding back), though that involved making a account and porting the site there, before porting it to here.  Long winded, but it works so I’m not going to argue with it.  Or course, I’m typing this before I point the domain in this direction, so that could ruin everything – but chances are, if you’re reading this, it’s all gone correctly.

I guess I had better go back in to my cave of web administration now.  It’s WordPress flavoured now, but at least that means I can poke at it whenever I please.  Or lick the walls.  Probably the latter.

EDIT: It seems WordPress likes to be hard-coded, which means our lovely URL (for now) gets eaten whenever you click on a link, and it reverts back to its actual URL – a one (because all the TigerTails Entertainment sites now run from the same server). Thankfully, still gets you here so it doesn’t really matter I suppose. So in case you were wondering, no there isn’t a problem – this is still even though the URL bar says otherwise. Instead of wondering about that, why not go and buy a shirt from the apparel store? Every little helps keep this site alive… Promise.

Web Host Shutting Down

Well, I’ve just seen some very annoying news.  Our lovely web host Posterous will be closing down at the end of April to concentrate on suckling the lactating tit that is Twitter.  The warning signs were there – it was a big banner saying “We’ve been bought by Twitter” some months ago.  That, and the CEO of Posterous is now a Twitter Product Manager who obviously can’t find the time to keep this product going.  I can speculate lots of between-the-lines reasons why Posterous is closing, but that doesn’t help.

What this means is that the TigerTails Radio website will be down at some point in the near future, for an unknown length of time.  Might be a day or so, might be longer.  Depends on how long it takes me to find a replacement service or learn how to use WordPress.

If the site is due to be down during showtime, our social media (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) pages will have all the connection info, though I’m half tempted to dig the old TTR site out of retirement (it’s mothballed at the moment, so I can easily revert to it) while the changes take effect.  We shall see.

I’ll post more info as and when I can.

– Thomas King

We Decided TO SHOP!

It’s in its early days at the moment, but the TigerTails Apparel Store is now OPEN!  Look for the new Shopping! tab above.  If the store doesn’t load straight away, give it a couple of refreshes – it’s a bit like the Flash Players in that respect.

Of course, while we’re doing this for the fans, we don’t see why it couldn’t also be BY the fans.  So, if you want to help us get some awesome things up in the store, then why not make some TigerTails Radio pictures and send them on to us.  Or if you’ve got shirt-caption ideas, or even if you’re a whizz with graphics and want to send us a nice ‘TigerTails Radio’ logo-type thing – anything like that.  Send it all in, our email address is on the Contact Us page (no attachments larger than 9 meg please – send us a link instead).  

We only recieve a little bit of the price tag, so go crazy and max out those credit cards so we can afford to pay for things like bandwidth and server fees, and things like that!  More importantly, though, enjoy the store – and keep an eye on it for more products coming soon!

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