We Decided TO SHOP!

It’s in its early days at the moment, but the TigerTails Apparel Store is now OPEN!  Look for the new Shopping! tab above.  If the store doesn’t load straight away, give it a couple of refreshes – it’s a bit like the Flash Players in that respect.

Of course, while we’re doing this for the fans, we don’t see why it couldn’t also be BY the fans.  So, if you want to help us get some awesome things up in the store, then why not make some TigerTails Radio pictures and send them on to us.  Or if you’ve got shirt-caption ideas, or even if you’re a whizz with graphics and want to send us a nice ‘TigerTails Radio’ logo-type thing – anything like that.  Send it all in, our email address is on the Contact Us page (no attachments larger than 9 meg please – send us a link instead).  

We only recieve a little bit of the price tag, so go crazy and max out those credit cards so we can afford to pay for things like bandwidth and server fees, and things like that!  More importantly, though, enjoy the store – and keep an eye on it for more products coming soon!

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