Season 7 Episode 14 Podcast Uploaded

We are freaking heroes.  By that, I mean that TK and Felis are heroes – but only in the sense of the show.  Managing without a Xavier this week, our intrepid pair battled against the forces of Xavier trolling via text messages.  Not only did they manage to waffle on for a whole show, they even managed to cover all of the regular segments and not go off on too many random tangents.  Be impressed.  Starring TK and Felis, with backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK talks about The Streamy Awards.
Felis gives his thoughts on Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Television Talk:
There was no Television Talk this week because no one had seen anything worth talking about, so we skipped the segment like it wasn’t there. 

Question of the Week:
Due to his behaviour during the show, just how mich of a dick is Xavier?


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