Web Host Shutting Down

Well, I’ve just seen some very annoying news.  Our lovely web host Posterous will be closing down at the end of April to concentrate on suckling the lactating tit that is Twitter.  The warning signs were there – it was a big banner saying “We’ve been bought by Twitter” some months ago.  That, and the CEO of Posterous is now a Twitter Product Manager who obviously can’t find the time to keep this product going.  I can speculate lots of between-the-lines reasons why Posterous is closing, but that doesn’t help.

What this means is that the TigerTails Radio website will be down at some point in the near future, for an unknown length of time.  Might be a day or so, might be longer.  Depends on how long it takes me to find a replacement service or learn how to use WordPress.

If the site is due to be down during showtime, our social media (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) pages will have all the connection info, though I’m half tempted to dig the old TTR site out of retirement (it’s mothballed at the moment, so I can easily revert to it) while the changes take effect.  We shall see.

I’ll post more info as and when I can.

– Thomas King

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