Season 7 Episode 24 Podcast Uploaded

Excuse for late website update #324: The unemployed bum of a website administrator (because this isn’t yet a paying job, as much as I’d like it to be) might have just fallen into employment. It is very much still a might at the moment, but fingers crossed, eh? On with the rundown of the show…

It’s a very crowded studio for Episode 24 as the studio is assaulted by guests from far and wide. Making a triumphant return as guest, former host Eeve3 returns for her first show of Season 7, joined by her loving boyfriend Salamander3 (anyone else notice all the 3’s going on?). Not wanting to miss the party, Angel Darksong also makes an appearance, bringing the numbers up 7 people in the studio as semi-regular host Hedgie takes his spot between Xavier and Felis. Chaos ensues. Thankfully, Felis had the piece of mind to bring some of his audio equipment with him (even if he did forget a few bits, making Xavier drive him home to fetch them) so almost everyone could be mic’ed up. Tonight’s highlight could be Xavier getting wound up as the Gaming News descends into an argument over advertising… Listen (or watch), and see what you think.
Starring TK, Xavier, Hedgie, Salamander3, Eeve3, Angel Darksong, and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK gives a small and spoiler-free talk on AstroLoco – Worst Contact
Xavier reviews Planetside 2, and Salamander3’s Ludum Dare game 6 Steps (aka Potato).
Felis gives his thoughts on Iron Man: Rise of Technovore.
Salamander3 talks about the Walking Dead graphic novels.

Television Talk:
Doctor Who.
The Voice.

Question of the Week:
If you had a TK Tiger doll, where would you put it?


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