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It seems every time Google attempt to improve a service, they end up breaking it. I can’t remember the last time YouTube worked properly (no, the patch-work of cobbled together pieces of code that constitutes YouTube at the moment is not what I’d consider “working properly”), even though it’s going through constant upgrades. The new UI is a mess of left-alignment and white space, and the screenshots I’ve seen of the new upload screen (which I fear I might be suffering shortly) are frightful to say the least. Not to mention the YouTube Analytics/Adsense debacle (those who it’s affected will know what I mean there). Now Google has decided to “upgrade” Hangouts, using the G+ video chat platform to amalgamate all their chat and video conferencing products into one convenient clusterfuchs*. This has resulted in everything breaking, and the Hangouts On Air recordings vanishing into the Ether.

Thankfully, the guys on the support desk seem to be a little more on the ball. The very helpful Community Manager, Dori, has managed to coax the team behind Hangouts On Air into finding the recording of Season 7 Episode 28 – and I am now currently downloading it, in order to upload to YouTube. Score! While I hope this doesn’t happen again, I can’t promise it – so please bear with us as Google figures out how to get its products and services working properly.

Edit: The TubeCast is uploading now… While I type this. Should be a couple of hours before it has finished. Having stayed up all night watching the entirety of Robot Wars series 1 and 2, I might have gone to bed by then, so I’ll update the Podcast page later.

Second Edit: The TubeCast is now up on YouTube and linked to from the Episode 28 Podcast post. Go watch!

* Der Fuchs is, Google Translate informs me, the german term for The Fox. So it is reasonable to assume that Fuchs is Fox. Fox sounds like a word I’d love to use right now, especially as the German word when spoken rhymes with “ducks”. Riesendurcheinander is apparently the word I’d actually like to use according to one online translation tool, though Google translates it to “giant mess”. The wordplay on Fox/Fuchs is the basis for one of the shirts available in the Shopping page, featuring a cute cartoon fox – which you should totally go and check out.

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