Season 8 Episode 05 Podcast Uploaded

With Xavier returning to the studio, the mad hunt for the power supply for the guest mic amplifier begins before the show starts. This proves fruitless, causing some minor issues in the studio. This stops being a problem when TK figures out volumes and the show then begins. This week has the whole cast come in, including Hedgie, for a spot of Blankety Blank fun – a game which WILL be making a comeback as a regular feature if TK gets his way. This requires people to be in IRC during the show, so spread the word people – we need panelists…
Starring TK, Hedgie, Xavier, AngelDarkSong, Hedgie and Felis. Backing music by Sanxion7.

Question of the Week
What games in your Steam collection have so far remained unplayed?

For Done and Dusted:
TK and Xavier review Beat Hazard Ultra: Shadow Ops DLC.
Felis gives his thoughts on The Wolf Among Us.

Heart Forth, Alicia – by Alonso Martin

TV Talk
The Guess List.
Agents of Shield.


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