Lack of Updates

Those paying attention may notice a lack of updates to this site.

This is due to the website hosting company announcing they are due to close. We are in the process of backing up and migrating to a new provider, but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties.

Rest assured that TigerTails Radio continues every Monday at 8pm UK time. You can catch up on all episodes on our YouTube page – – and we will continue to broadcast there regardless of site status. We will also be broadcasting on our Shoutcast stream for those who would rather just have the audio feed. Details of that on the Listen Page.

The website may fall off the Internet on August 1st, but rest assured if that happens it will only be a temporary thing and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. If we are not able to work through the problems in time, a holding page will be erected until we can get the site back up and running.

Remember, even if the website falls off the Internet, TigerTails Radio will continue to broadcast as normal – so please bookmark our streaming address or make a note of the server names and keep them safe – or you can also pop into IRC – #TigerTailsRadio – to get the streaming details there.

Thank you for your patience during this transitional phase.

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