Season 2 Clip – Russian Roulette

With TigerTails now turning 10, let’s have a look back at when the radio celebrated its second birthday way back in 2006. Before the great Comic Relief gunging of Season 2 came the pie-tastic game of Russian Roulette. The concept was quite simple. 6 foam pies would be loaded on paper plates to represent the chambers of a pistol. On the bottom of the pie plate would either be “Blank” or “Bang” – with the bang being the loaded chamber. The players then take turns to pie someone until they fire the loaded chamber, whereupon the game ends and the loser receives the remaining pies.

TK battled against party guest Draconder in this game, with Goten (another party guest) being the victim of all the pies until the bullet was shot. Who won, and how many pies did Goten and the loser have to endure? Watch below to find out.

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