Testing Begins and Updates

Season 9 testing begins today at 8pm UK time (BST currently). As said in previous posts, this is not a normal show and viewers of the YouTube feed will have to be kind to us as the stream might not be as stable as we’d like. If all goes well though, there will be a 1080p stream running at 50fps (YouTube allowing). There will be some testing to get the audio synced (or indeed, working) and we’re not going to promise we’re not as rusty as all Hell. Should be fun. Keep up with the show in IRC (#tigertailsradio on the anthrochat.net server) to know what’s going on if you’re only watching via the YouTube feed. TK will post what he’s doing in there.

If you fancy sending music to us, there is now a Submit a Song section on the main menu. This gives you all you need to know about getting music to us, and what we require in order to play it (without attracting lawsuits). Give it a read, and get sending those songs.

Finally, if you want to be kept updated whenever we update the site, our RSS feed is up and working (for a change) so feel free to add the RSS feed to your favourite RSS readers to be kept up to date with all the latest information on this site. Also don’t forget our Facebook and Twitter feeds (links on the right) for other info and posts throughout the week. There might even be an update made for tonight’s show… Though I wouldn’t put money on it.

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