Some people have asked how to get involved as a contestant in the Quiplash games we play on the show, so I thought I’d break down how it normally goes…

At 9pm UK time, the news segment is normally starting to end. This is the best time to make sure you’ve tuned in (though, of course, you should be tuned in for the whole show!). After the post-news song has finished, the Quiplash game screen will be shown along with the code to take part. Just log into jackbox.tv and enter the code to play.

The main game screen is on the YouTube feed, though the audio is pumped though the radio-only feed. The game itself is played on a mobile/tablet/laptop/PC (mobile/tablet is best as that allows you to keep up with the main game screen on the laptop/PC) and is comprised of 3 rounds.

The first two rounds involve answering 2 questions on your device – this bit is timed to 90 seconds, so pay attention to your device on the game start and do not rely on the stream as lag could give you less time to answer. Once all questions have been answered, you get to vote on your favourite answer to the other questions. Again, the time you get to vote is limited, so keep an eye on your device. The YouTube feed can then be used to keep track of the scores and to see how others have voted.

Round 3 is the final, and everyone gets the same single question. Again, this is timed – and the time limit is shorter, so pay attention to your device to make sure you get the whole amount of time. Contestants then get 3 votes to cast on which answer(s) they like the best.

If you miss out on the chance to be a contestant (or don’t want to take part in the Q&A part) you can still influence the game by being in the audience. You don’t get to answer the questions, but you do get to vote on the answers, and the audience vote can be the deciding factor on who wins the question. there is a strict time limit on the voting, so pay attention to your device and don’t rely on the YouTube feed.

We normally play 2 games so if you miss the chance to take part in game 1, there is still a chance to join in, and you can always be in the audience for the rest of game 1.

If you have any further questions, ping them to us via email, or jump into the IRC channel (#tigertailsradio on the anthrochat.net server) and we can tell you all you need to know.

Happy playing!

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