Season 9 Episode 06 Podcast Uploaded

With Felis away this week, the remaining cast of TigerTails Radio charge on with the task of actually reviewing something for Done and Dusted instead of playing Quiplash (yes, we actually remember to have other segments sometimes). A few technical “issues” with YouTube delayed the start by a few moments and caused TK much annoyance, but these were ironed out and the rest of the show ran fairly smoothly afterwards. The great thing for next week has also arrived since the show ended… New jingles are in the studio!

Starring TK, Xavier, and Angel Darksong.

Music played on today’s show:
Song 1
Morning, Thinker by the team at OCRemix

Song 2
Funky Pills by Jake Kaufman

Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
The cast all chime in for a review of Inside Out.


Download the PodcastWatch the TubeCast

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