A Quick Note On Copyrights

Season 9 has been the first in quite a while where you, the listener, has been able to submit songs for us to play on the show. We play Creative Commons music, or copyrighted music which we have permission to play. When submitting songs to us, we ask that you also provide copyright information for it, either to show it’s Creative Commons or to show that the owner has given TigerTails Radio permission to play it. Check out the Submit a Song section above to see how you can submit music to us.

The copyright thing, however, is really important. You would be surprised how many submissions that have had to be rejected due to not including any copyright information. This happened recently when a song was submitted with a link to the SoundCloud page. The page contained no info if it was Creative Commons so we had to reject it. However the person who submitted it went and got the permission and so we played the song.

Getting the permission changed this:
Copyright Claim

To this:
Copyright Released

And this was in 24 hours of submitting the permission to the agents working for the copyright holder. Got to give RepostNetwork respect for their swift actions.

So, if you’ve had a song submission rejected, now you see why. And if you’re submitting a song please ensure you are able to tell us the copyright situation so TigerTails Radio knows where it stands. As the above shows, knowledge is power.

And we all like power, don’t we?

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