Season 10 Episode 05 Podcast Uploaded

Goodbye 2016, you will not be missed. TigerTails Radio welcomes 2017 in with open arms as TK and Hedgie are joined again by Xavier in his remote studio in the middle of nowhere. To see in the new year it’s an all vinyl special with all the songs being played on real 7″ singles. So expect lots of pop and crackle to be heard. There was a technical difficulty with the YouTube feed for the final song, but luckily the feed recovered so the end of the show is intact, but the podcast will have the whole thing. Check there to see what was missed by the viewers. This episode also features the return of Quiplash! And this time, it’s at full speed.
Starring TK, Hedgie, and Xavier.

Music played on today’s show:
Song 1
Erasure – A Little Respect

Song 2
Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name

Song 3
Roxette – Dressed For Success

Song 4
Status Quo – Burning Bridges

Song 5
Nena – 99 Red Balloons

Song 6
Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love

Song 7
Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer

Backing music by Sanxion7.


Talking Points
Easter Eggs going on sale immediately after Christmas.

For Done and Dusted:
Lego Dimensions


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