11 Days…

Getting crates ready to send to storage.

Crate Expectations.

Part of the planned resetting of the studio was getting some of the gaming consoles into TK’s room and out of the main studio space. This was because he has two CRT TVs in his room, which we wanted to use to expand the Playstation 2 network to 5 out of 6 consoles set up and ready. While all 6 are technically setup and ready, two of them share the same TV, thus only 5 are available at any one time. Prior to the move around, however, only 3 were available – so those CRTs needed setting up.

So the first thing to do was to start crating stuff up. TK’s room was filled with boxes that hadn’t been opened since the move. They were filled with bedding, curtains, lego, model railway stuff, and a whole treasure trove of other things. The cardboard on these boxes was getting a little ratty, so items were transposed into the plastic packing crates used to store the retro gaming hardware. There were many trips to Argos, and many times Argos delivered more crates to the studio at 9pm as TK took advantage of same-day delivery.

Moving all this stuff out of TK’s room meant that the lounge was soon almost permanently filled with crates, and as neither TK nor Hedgie drive, the kindness of Echo and others was somewhat abused in assisting with trips to the storage locker. Of course, moving things to the locker wasn’t the only task needed to get TK’s room in a state to setup the CRT TVs, but that’s another blog post.

The countdown continues…

An empty storage locker.  It was not destined to stay empty much longer...

An empty storage locker. It was not destined to stay empty much longer…

A few of the crates of stuff from TK's room.

A few of the crates of stuff from TK’s room.

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