10 Days…

The new jingles have arrived, and the new opening jingle will be the first thing heard in Season 11. Get excited!

Following on from the post a couple of days ago, these have now been programmed into the app – which is now on revision 6! It has now run into an issue where the app no longer works properly on the Android device allocated to the jingles. You press the option – and then there was a good long pause before the jingle played. Thankfully, there is a better and more powerful device available, so who needs optimisation? Just throw more power at it. No screenshots this time, because of spoilers, but the new opening Jingle had Hedgie burst out with laughter. So there’s that. A couple of new jingles for new segments (including one that can cover the Quiplash slot for days we don’t play Quiplash), plus a couple of new jingles for breaks and plugs. These are what you have to look forward to. Be ready.

As for getting rid of the Drama button… It has been replaced. RIP Drama button.

The countdown continues…

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