9 Days…

The penultimate Saturday before the start of Season 11. And as everyone is busy, this will be a short post – as will tomorrow’s.

So let’s take a moment to give a shoutout to an unsung part of the TigerTails Radio equipment. It’s often overlooked as it’s not a big and expensive piece of electronics, but it serves a vital part of keeping the show running as smoothly as it can. And that’s the whiteboard. It is seen hanging up next to TK and contains the playlist for the show’s music, topical notes, episode numbers, and other bits and bobs which TK needs to be able to glance at while he’s busy doing things.

Normally a day or two before the show, Hedgie will select the music for the episode, decide a playlist order, create the cards for OBS, and then update the whiteboard. This tells TK things like song name, artist, track number (and on which CD). We don’t normally stick to the playlist order, but we can do. While there is space in the show running notes for 6 songs, we have 10 songs collected incase we need to fill time for some reason. This is rare, but it’s worth having that option. Then at the end of the show, we refer to the whiteboard when doing the website’s song credits.

So here’s to the whiteboard. The unsung hero of TigerTails Radio.

The countdown continues…

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