6 Days…

In order to get the studio back up and running after everything was disassembled after Season 10, it was time for TK to get his room sorted. It had become a box-room of chaos so the boxes needed to be shifted, the contents crated up and storage lockered, and new furniture installed. This was a much larger task than anticipated. TK has a lot of stuff.

As things were sorted, the studio area became filled with crates and assorted detritement, as seen from earlier pictures. Loads would go into storage only to be replaced by the next load within a day or two. Much to Hedgie’s distress. The task took most of December and early January, but eventually the room was clear enough to move furniture around to create space for a new wardrobe and an area for the CRT screens – there was still the PS2 LAN to think about.

As TK has a bad back he sleeps pretty much on the floor under a table, so with a little help the drawers in the corner were removed and the table was shifted into the space. This created space for the new wardrobe. The drawers were then placed atop the table, which created the space to put the TVs on, with the consoles on the shelves of the unit. Stick a couple of bookcases in front, and a couple of stools to sit on while playing, and the new wardrobe in its assigned slot and the room is complete.

The great thing is having the four consoles in the room. Both original Playstations are linked to each other via the link cable. Both PS2 are also linked via both i.Link and Ethernet. At the moment the studio only has a couple of F1 games for the PS1 that support the link cable, but there’s some classic Wipeout that can be played when TK picks up another copy of each game, as well as Doom deathmatches.

So that was TK’s room sorted. Now work could begin on reassembling the studio. More on that in another post.

The countdown continues…

The corner of TK's room before the clean up...

The corner of TK’s room before the clean up…

... And this is what it was transformed into.

… And this is what it was transformed into.

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