Season 12 Episode 19

A new studio, with new things on camera, but the same old show. TigerTails Radio makes a triumphant return with Xavier appearing on camera at long last. This does come at the cost of losing TK to behind the camera again, but swings and roundabouts. Hedgie joins us for this week’s show to help fill up the sofa, and Echo dials in from his remote studio – effectively swapping places with Xavier. On this week’s show, the cast talk about all the new things, and give a little audio tour of Studio D. Things swiftly move into Quiplash for a couple of games, and then on to some Done and Dusted. It feels good to be back.

TK, Hedgie, Xavier, and Echo.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Jake Aldridge – Partners In Crime
Song 2 – Jake Aldridge – Poison
Song 3 – Jake Aldridge – Gullible (feat Kezia Gill)
Song 4 – Jake Aldridge – Illogical feat. Haleana
You can see more about Jake Aldridge and check out where to listen to/purchase his music at his website – HERE.

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
TK talks about James May’s Man Lab, now available on Amazon Video. If you wish to check out Man Lab, why not use our affiliate link below and get some free Amazon Prime video to try out? Yes, this is a shameless attempt to get some pennies, humour us. It’s not like we can monetise things on YouTube is it?

Watch the Episode:

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