Season 12 Episode 31

With Echo in, Hedgie swaps out thus leaving Xavier alone on the sofa with no one to touch him awkwardly during the songs. Somehow he doesn’t seem upset by this. A nice chilled show this week as the cast in the studio slowly roast, causing the French doors to be opened during the Jackbox gaming. The breeze makes TK happy. A couple of games of the original Trivia Murder were enjoyed as TMP2 didn’t want to connect to the Jackbox servers. Because why would they? There was then enough time for a spot of Done and Dusted to cap the show off. All in all, fun times were had.

TK, Xavier, Echo, and Hedgie.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Convex – 4U
Song 2 – MAGNUS x Unread – Cool (Feat Alessia)
Song 3 – Barren Gates & Beauz – Tomorrow (feat Harley Bird)

Tonight’s songs were provided by NCS Music –

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviewed Darling in the Franxx, and Assassination Classroom.

Watch the Episode:

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