Season 12 Episode 32 – 16th Anniversary Show

16 years of TigerTails Radio, and what does anyone have to show for it? What started off as a silly thing to pass the time as grown and evolved into a silly thing to pass the time but with better audio quality. TK is joined by the usual suspects of Xavier and Hedgie on the sofa, with Echo dialling in from the remote studio. The show was a mix of reminiscing about the past, with some classic tunes from the ages of TigerTails Radio, including a song from Hedgie himself. There was also cake! Two rounds of Fibbage 3 were enjoyed, plus some Done and Dusted, and for the first time there was a short “behind the scenes” tour.

TK, Xavier, Echo, and Hedgie.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – The Clarity – The Priestess
Get the song, and album from their BandCamp page
Song 2 – Jake Aldridge In The Clouds
Visit Jake on the web at
Song 3 – Cosmik (Feat. Rhubarb the Bear) – Make America Great…
Support Cosmik on Patreon at
Song 4 – Hedge Haiden – It Always Rains Here In New York
See more of Hedge’s stuff at his Soundcloud Page
Song 5 – Sanxion7 – EternuS
Check the rest of Sanxion7’s music at

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviews the anime Brand New Animal available on Netflix.

Watch the Episode:

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