A Whole New Site

Taking full advantage of off-site hosting and content management (although the spell checker seems to be broken for this site), the all-new TigerTails Radio website arrives for Season 7, ready and waiting to be used and abused!  This has been a long time coming, though is still in a somewhat experimental phase and therefore might be changed without warning one day if Thomas King (our wonderful web admin person) decides that doing things this way is too much of a pain in the rump.

So, this is the plan.  This is the new site.  It’s all based on tags.  Live show posts will be marked as such, podcast posts will also be tagged.  Links at the top will let you see, at a glance, the posts you want.  It’s like the Listen page and the Main page collided, but with less scrolling and easier sorting.  It also means the front page might see an update more than once a decade.  Might!  You can even comment on posts now, so you can give us your thoughts instantly instead of having to track us down on a social network!

This is all early days though, so give it a few weeks to really shape up.  The design might change randomly, or the site might move to a completely new host (it’s currently a Posterous blog, like a lot of the other TigerTails Entertainment blogs).  Anything could happen.  So join us for the ride, and we hope you enjoy Season 7 of TigerTails Radio!

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