Contact Us

There are many, many ways of getting in contact with the cast and crew of TigerTails Radio during the show.

Port: 6667
Channel: #TigerTailsRadio
This is where the main action is during the show, and there are many decent IRC Clients out there.  IceChat is the IRC client used in the studio.

Discord Server

The email isn’t checked daily, so there can be some delay in getting a reply, but is perfect for sending us things (files or links) in a way that we can’t lose them!

Instant Messengers
AOL IM: tigertailsradio
Yahoo IM: tigertailsradio
Skype: tigertailsradio
ICQ: 234895355
These get used maybe once in a blue moon.  Probably less.  If you see one of these accounts active, make sure Hell hasn’t frozen over.

Social Networks
LiveJournal | Google+ | Yahoo Profiles | Facebook | Twitter
These are easily the best ways of getting our attention when we’re off air.  Espcially Facebook and Google Plus.  Question of the Week is posted to Facebook (and cross-posted to Twitter) by Xavier, and Google+ posts are handled by Thomas King and Felis.

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