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Gaming News: Goodbye Rock Band

Harmonix recently revealed that after 5 long years, the flow of weekly DLC would be drying up in April. Rock Band as a concept would be a done deal (with possibility of future revival). The Rock Band Network on the 360, being run pretty much by Microsoft, would continue, but all DLC pushed by Harmonix (official tracks and RBN stuff on consoles other than the 360) would end on April 2nd.

To celebrate 5 years of Rock Band, Harmonix held a PAX East party for fans of the series. Rock Band 3 was set up on a stage, and the party-goers were invited up on stage to perform. The entire event was broadcast live on Harmonix’s channel, and a fun night was had by all the people there, and all the people watching the stream at home. The guys at Harmonix had promised that the final song of the night would be a reveal of the last piece of DLC they would be releasing, but they wouldn’t be drawn as to what it would be until they performed it.

Having just watched said broadcast live (and having fun doing so), I can reveal that the final song Harmonix will be releasing for Rock Band as DLC is the full-length version of Don McLean’s American Pie.

And in about 5 seconds time, the rest of the gaming sites will also be displaying this news too. Fresh news is hard to come by! Expect to hear more about Rock Band on Monday’s show, as there is little doubt that TK will be talking about it.

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