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Season 7 Episode 02 Podcast Uploaded

With strong language from the start (well, there’s a jingle at the start, but the cussing kicks in soon after), the cast of TigerTails Radio manage to fill a whole two hours with the fun that you’ve come to expect from an episode…  We discuss all the important things this week, like how playing Football Manager could land you a job…  Kinda.  This episode features TK, Xavier, Felis, and Hedgie.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Hedgie talks about Wreck-It Ralph.
TK reviews Pixar’s Brave.
Felis waxes lyrical about Global Frequency.
Xavier gives us his thoughts on  The Lorax.

Television Talk:

Question of the Week:
With the Wii U now out, what would get you to play with your Wii (U)?


Download the Podcast – Watch the TubeCast

Season 7 Episode 02 is Live!

The show is on, right now. All the way until 10pm, unless we overrun again. Join us by clicking on the links on the Listen Page, and then join in the fun in IRC.

Season 7 Episode 01 Podcast Uploaded

Well, that didn’t go too badly…  I think.  A last minute change meant that all the jingles and sound effects were powered from a second PlayStation Portable (which belongs to Felis, but is on extended loan to TK).  So that’s all non-cast audio provided by PSP consoles.  This episode features TK, Xavier, Felis, and Hedgie.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Hedgie gives us his opinion of Sonic and All Stars Racing: Transformed.
TK talks about Tetrisphere.
Xavier and Felis waffle on about Borderlands 2.

Television Talk:
Doctor Who segments of Children in Need


Question of the Week:
What game from the past would you like to bring back?


Download the podcast  Watch the TubeCast

Season 7 Episode 01 Is Live!

We are live, so check out the Listen page for the aduio (like a real radio) or check our YouTube account ( to watch the show live!

Deep Breath… Here We Go

Yes, today marks the start of TigerTails Radio – Season 7.  We have had 3 test shows to make sure things are working as expected, and while everything isn’t 100% to TK’s satisfaction, things aren’t going to get any better than what they are, so we might as well go ahead.

What new for Season 7 then?  Well, first off, have a look at our nice new website.  Isn’t it pretty?  It’s pretty functional (well it’s not winning any awards for style, put it that way), but certainly a lot better looking than the previous one.

The important things are still around.  The ‘Listen’ page has links to for you to listen with most major media players.  We’re looking for a workaround for the Flash player, so if you used that just sit tight and hopefully it will be back soon.  If the main links don’t work for you, we have the raw server details on hand so you can dump them in to your media player of choice and listen that way,

Podcasts will return, and now have their own section.  Well, ish.  Podcasts will be hosted off-site now, as that reduces our bandwidth commitments.  From now on, each new podcast will be linked to from a post on the main page.  The post will be tagged “Podcast”, and thus by clicking on the podcast link in the top menu, you will be presented with the posts containing the podcasts.  Magic.

The ways and means of contacting us haven’t changed, and links to all our social media sites (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) have been added to the bottom of the “Contact Us” page.  The IRC details are also there, too.

So, that’s the website covered…  What about the show?  Well, our biggest change is the move from to YouTube via Google Hangouts on Air.  Why did we do this?  There’s a few reasons.  Most noteably, the Livestream was low frame-rate crap. It saved a local file to TK’s computer but the quality of video was appalling.  Hangouts on Air aren’t much better in terms of quality, and it eats the broadcasting equipment, but archives are saved to YouTube automatically. This means a TubeCast is available moments after the show has finished each night.  There are also lots of toys for TK to play with (early in the show, before the broadcasting hardware runs out of resources).

The Audiosurf challenge is no more, for the time being.  We will try to work out another challenge instead.  Winners of the Off Season challenge will be announced during the live show tonight.

Old favourites like Review of the Week, The Gaming News, Done and Dusted, and Role Play Talk are back.  The show will follow the regular format, with Review of the Week and The Gaming News taking up the first half of the show, and Done and Dusted followed by Role Play Talk taking up the second.  This should, in theory, give us a good 2 hour show.

Finally, the show now starts from 8pm UK time!  An hour earlier than it used to.  This also means it finishes at 10pm (if it doesn’t over run) so all you Brits can go to bed at a reasonable hour (he says, typing this at 6.30am).

If you made it this far down, congratulations.  Give yourself a pat on the back…  Or a cookie, whichever is easiest.  Why not drop in to IRC during the live show and tell TK you’ve read this bit?  Let him know that typing this post up for over an hour has been worth it.

Enjoy the show.

Season 7 Test Show 1 Podcast Uploaded

So, let’s kick off the Season 7 podcast collection with the first test show.  Dubbed Episode 00, as Episode 01 will be the first “real” episode of Season 7.  Starring TK, Xavier, Felis, and Hedgie.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviewed Darksiders.
Felis talked about Xcom: Enemy Unknown.
TK gave us his thoughts of the film Se7en.

Television Talk:
TheThick of It
First Half of Dr Who round up

Question of the Week:
What would you like to see return from the past?


Download the podcast

A Whole New Site

Taking full advantage of off-site hosting and content management (although the spell checker seems to be broken for this site), the all-new TigerTails Radio website arrives for Season 7, ready and waiting to be used and abused!  This has been a long time coming, though is still in a somewhat experimental phase and therefore might be changed without warning one day if Thomas King (our wonderful web admin person) decides that doing things this way is too much of a pain in the rump.

So, this is the plan.  This is the new site.  It’s all based on tags.  Live show posts will be marked as such, podcast posts will also be tagged.  Links at the top will let you see, at a glance, the posts you want.  It’s like the Listen page and the Main page collided, but with less scrolling and easier sorting.  It also means the front page might see an update more than once a decade.  Might!  You can even comment on posts now, so you can give us your thoughts instantly instead of having to track us down on a social network!

This is all early days though, so give it a few weeks to really shape up.  The design might change randomly, or the site might move to a completely new host (it’s currently a Posterous blog, like a lot of the other TigerTails Entertainment blogs).  Anything could happen.  So join us for the ride, and we hope you enjoy Season 7 of TigerTails Radio!

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