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New Year’s Special is Live!

We are back!  All ready to see in 2012 with a bang!  ūüėÄ  TubeCast of Episode 7 isn’t showing up in the Processing section of the TigerTails Radio YouTube account, which is a little concerning, so hopefully the TubeCast will be up soon (if it hasn’t all ready happened by the time this is posted).

So, yea.  We’re live from now until just after the start of 2013.  Whooo!

Season 7 Episode 07 is Live!

AngelDarkSong (aka Alex) is back for the second week in a row filling in for the adsent Xavier while he attends to matters of the family.  This leaves the remaining cast members of TK and Felis to help guide AngelDarkSong through the whole pair of hours in which this show runs.

Click the Listen page to get audio links for your favourite media players, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find the YouTube link to watch the livestream of the show.

Then remember to come back shortly after the show has finished to watch our NEW YEAR SPECIAL where we see in 2013 live on air!  We’ll post here when we’re live again!

Season 7 Episode 06 Podcast Uploaded!

Better late than never! ¬†Well, the Christmas Eve episode ran to time, at least. ¬†Xavier abandons us for the first of two weeks to spend Christmas with his family, so AngelDarkSong (aka Alex) steps up to the plate to help out. ¬†This episode was a little hap-hazard, since TK had to work that day and thus had no time to prepare things before the show, so it’s a little rough around the edges. ¬†Next week should be better… ¬†He lied.

For Done and Dusted:
TK reviews The Best Exotic Marigol Hotel.
AngelDarkSong talks about The Walking Dead (PC Game).
Felis runs on the fly with The Girl Genius novels.

Television Talk:
There was no Television Talk this week, because we might have forgotten to do it.

Question of the Week:
What did you get for Christmas this year?


Download the PodcastWatch the TubeCast

It’s Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas (/whatever you celebrate/Tuesday) from all of us at TigerTails Radio.  We hope you have a great day and don’t get too drunk or make too much of a fool of yourself in front of other family members (espcially those ones with camera phones and YouTube accounts).

With Christmas day being immediatly after the show, the podcast for Episode 06 is late.  You can watch the TubeCast, however, as that’s an automatic process!  Yey for technology.  The mp3 will most likely surface shortly after Boxing Day so stay tuned.

It’s now time to break out the Christmas music and prepare for a few days of headaches and fun.  No matter how you spend the Silly Season, have fun and stay safe.

See y’all at the New Year!


Season 7 Episode 06 is Live!

Felis and TK are joined by AngelDarkSong (aka Little Alex) for tonight’s Christmas Eve show.  With the Xavier away, the youth will play, with TK there to keep the kids in check.  Although the great TK will be hidden away off camera for those watching the YouTube stream.  The show is live right now, so head on over to the Listen page to tune in via Shoutcast for the radio stream, or scroll down to the bottom of the Listen page for the YouTube link for the video feed.

Season 7 Episode 05 Podcast Uploaded!

Felis returns this week, reuniting the Season 7 cast once more. ¬†In this week’s episode the cast make a couple of passing mentions about events that have happened during the week, and Xavier takes a few moments on his soap box to complain about games being blamed for all the world’s ills. ¬†Featuring TK, Xavier, and Felis. ¬†Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviews Halo 4.
TK talks about Sonic the Hedgehog (The old MegaDrive game).
Felis covers Starship Troopers Invasion.

Television Talk:
Scooby Do0: Mystery Inc.

Question of the Week:
If one of the TTR hosts could become Prime Minister, who would you vote for and what policy would they promote?


Download the PodcastDownload the TubeCast

Season 7 Episode 05 is Live!

Coming at you live from the realms of the TigerTails Entertainment Studio C building, tonight’s show features all the things you’ve come to love from TigerTails Radio – namely Xavier and Felis on camera (if you’re watching the YouTube stream).  Head on over to the Listen page to get the links for all your favourite media players, or hit the bottom of the Listen page for the link to our YouTube channel to watch the madness happen live!

Season 7 Episode 04 Podcast Uploaded

So this week Felis abandons us, claiming illness as his excuse. ¬†With Hedgie at work, it seems like we’re destined for a Xavier and TK show… ¬†Until Anthropuppy steps in and saves the day. ¬†So, this week we have our favourite Bristolian joining us in the studio for a change. ¬†For those keeping count, this is Show #644, fear us! ¬†Starring TK, Xavier, and Anthropuppy. ¬†Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviews the games Crysis 2 and Double Dragon Neon.
TK talks about Fighting Vipers (with added Sonic the Fighters mention).
The pair make more than a passing reference to Far Cry 3.

Television Talk:

Question of the Week:
If you were to give an award to a game, what would the game and award be?


Download the PodcastWatch the TubeCast

Season 07 Episode 04 is Live!

Yes, we are live right now, so head on over to the Listen page to tune in, or look at the bottom of the Listen page to find the YouTube link so you can watch us, in case listening without pictures is your most-hated thing.  This week Felis and Hedgie have abandoned us, but Anthrouppy has stepped in to fill their shoes!  Go Anthropup!

Season 7 Episode 03 Podcast Uploaded

Hedgie is missing from tonight’s lineup, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the crew from making a show which seemed to involve making Xavier go as red as possible though laughing, even while trying to drink his cola. ¬†This has something to do with oven doors, and blatent innudeno. ¬†This episode features TK, Xavier, and Felis and has backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviews The Amazing Spiderman.
TK spoils the film Ted.
Felis talks about the book Wearing The Cape.

Television Talk:

Question of the Week:
What would you like to see in your Christmas stocking from Santa?

Links for Things During the Show:
Vote your Indie Game of the Year
Turducken Ducken
Sony’s Creepy Teddy Bear


Download the Podcast РWatch the TubeCast

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