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Season 7 Episode 19 Podcast Uploaded

Chaos and laughter ensue in this episode as the cast of TigerTails Radio spend the first section of the show recanting their long-gone youths and talk about dealing with the PCs of their era – the humble 486. They then battle through the segments, somehow only over-running by a mere 10 minutes or so. For once, TK has some gaming news, as he talks about Rock Band, and Xavier brings up a discussion topic about sequels and reboots of gaming franchises. To top it all off, Xavier makes a confusing muddle of the RolePlay Talk, which TK summarises in IRC with the sentence “Someone was holding [Eeve3’s] character captive and using polyjuice to impersonate [her].”.
Starring TK, Xavier, Hedgie, and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK talks about the film ABCs of Death, with some help from Hedgie.
Xavier reviews the web series Aperture R&D, and the game Quantum Conundrum.

Television Talk:
There was no Television Talk this week, due there being nothing on. Doctor Who next week, though!

Question of the Week:
As cyborgs are on the horizon, what would you upgrade?

Links in Channel during the Show:
Aperture R&D
My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah “Harto” Hart
ABCs of Death – Clip of H


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Gaming News: Goodbye Rock Band

Harmonix recently revealed that after 5 long years, the flow of weekly DLC would be drying up in April. Rock Band as a concept would be a done deal (with possibility of future revival). The Rock Band Network on the 360, being run pretty much by Microsoft, would continue, but all DLC pushed by Harmonix (official tracks and RBN stuff on consoles other than the 360) would end on April 2nd.

To celebrate 5 years of Rock Band, Harmonix held a PAX East party for fans of the series. Rock Band 3 was set up on a stage, and the party-goers were invited up on stage to perform. The entire event was broadcast live on Harmonix’s channel, and a fun night was had by all the people there, and all the people watching the stream at home. The guys at Harmonix had promised that the final song of the night would be a reveal of the last piece of DLC they would be releasing, but they wouldn’t be drawn as to what it would be until they performed it.

Having just watched said broadcast live (and having fun doing so), I can reveal that the final song Harmonix will be releasing for Rock Band as DLC is the full-length version of Don McLean’s American Pie.

And in about 5 seconds time, the rest of the gaming sites will also be displaying this news too. Fresh news is hard to come by! Expect to hear more about Rock Band on Monday’s show, as there is little doubt that TK will be talking about it.

New IRC Chat Feature

There have been some people who have wanted to join in the IRC channel during the show, but have not had the time or inclination to download an IRC client, and then faff around with entering all the details… It’s all a big pain in the spare time. So let the lovely folk here at TigerTails Radio take that strain off, for you. Now featuring a whole new page. Look to the top-right. See those options? See the IRC Live Chat page? Behind that hyperlink is a Java based IRC chat room, and it’s all set up. Just enter in a nickname and off you go! It couldn’t be any easier than that!

Now, it is Java based, so you might be asked if you want to run the chat. Just allow it to run, and you’ll have IRC goodness at your fingertips within moments. Simple.

Season 7 Episode 18 Podcast Uploaded

It’s another week with the Hedgie taking part as he helps us muddle through Episode 18 of our long-running series of Internet silliness. This week we poke more fun at EA in the Gaming News, do everything in our power to derail Done and Dusted, and TK gets quite, quite ranty when assisting Hedgie for their Done and Dusted topic.
Starring TK, Xavier, Hedgie, and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK and Hedgie double-team on Oz, The Great and Powerful.
Xavier reviews Spec Ops: The Line, and Prometheus.

Television Talk:
Comic Relief 2013
The Matt Lucas Awards

Question of the Week:
Which classic game would you like to see become a web series?

Links in Channel during the Show:
Hungry Planet Games – AstroLoco: Worst Contact.


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Welcome To WordPress

Look, it’s a post by the website admin, breaking the proverbial 4th wall and speaking to you all directly. Hello, I’m Thomas King and welcome to my ranting…

Well, it’s finally happened.  Only 5 months after starting up, the new look TigerTails Radio website has had to be remade.  Somehow I knew that it was all too easy, and something would go wrong.  Nice to see I was right.  However, that has meant that all the changes I had previously made to the main TigerTails site have been for the best, as it has allowed the installation of WordPress on the TigerTails Entertainment server, which means that the site is back on base turf, and not on someone else’s server.

So have a look at our new home.  I hope you like it.  We’ve gone back to the blues of Seasons 1 and 2, as I still like them even after all these years.  Call it harkening back to the good old days, when websites were coded in HTML and not PHP, and I didn’t have to learn things like WordPress, or even understand databases and how they are important.  Of course, Eeve3 will be pleased that I’ve been dragged (kicking and screaming) in to somewhat modern technology in terms of website administration, but I still miss the days of nested tables and simple tags that were self-explanatory instead of defined div statements and CSS.  Yes, I’m old.  Shut up.

What does this mean for TigerTails Radio?  Nothing, on the surface. Just a fresh coat of paint really.  Of course, it’s very different behind the scenes but that’s for me to worry about, not you.  Podcasts are still held off-site, and all the posts from the Posterous site managed to transfer over just fine (apart from the flash player, which I spent ages adding back), though that involved making a account and porting the site there, before porting it to here.  Long winded, but it works so I’m not going to argue with it.  Or course, I’m typing this before I point the domain in this direction, so that could ruin everything – but chances are, if you’re reading this, it’s all gone correctly.

I guess I had better go back in to my cave of web administration now.  It’s WordPress flavoured now, but at least that means I can poke at it whenever I please.  Or lick the walls.  Probably the latter.

EDIT: It seems WordPress likes to be hard-coded, which means our lovely URL (for now) gets eaten whenever you click on a link, and it reverts back to its actual URL – a one (because all the TigerTails Entertainment sites now run from the same server). Thankfully, still gets you here so it doesn’t really matter I suppose. So in case you were wondering, no there isn’t a problem – this is still even though the URL bar says otherwise. Instead of wondering about that, why not go and buy a shirt from the apparel store? Every little helps keep this site alive… Promise.

Season 7 Episode 17 Podcast Uploaded

Hedgie joins us in the studio this week for a fun episode in which TK learns how to make pictures happen, we scare Felis, and we rip Xavier for once again getting names wrong during the Role Play Talk.  For the first hour of the show TK manages to set up a camera in his booth using his phone, so for a while we have duel cameras operating.
Starring TK, Xavier, Hedgie, and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK talks about Robot Combat League.
Xavier reviews Vector, and Ten Million.
Hedgie gives us his thoughts on Sleeping Dogs.

Television Talk:
Top Gear

Question of the Week:
What will you be doing for Comic Relief 2013?


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Season 7 Episode 16 Podcast Uploaded

Silly things are afoot as the cast bring another episode of TigerTails Radio in to existence.  The show starts with TK and Xavier bitching about O2/BE being sold to Sky, and the news that the site which hosts the TigerTails Radio website, Posterous, will be closing down.  This means that there’s going to be learning of WordPress in the not-to-distant future.  Joy.  The show then carries on in a jovial fashion, and even runs for an extra 25 minutes, so a good show was had by all.
Starring TK, Xavier, and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK gives his thoughts about Nascar Arcade.
Xavier reviews Doom and Destiny, and Jetpack Joyride.
Felis talks about Grandia.

Television Talk:
Top Gear

Question of the Week:
What games do you want to play on multi-player, and why? (Not COD)


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Web Host Shutting Down

Well, I’ve just seen some very annoying news.  Our lovely web host Posterous will be closing down at the end of April to concentrate on suckling the lactating tit that is Twitter.  The warning signs were there – it was a big banner saying “We’ve been bought by Twitter” some months ago.  That, and the CEO of Posterous is now a Twitter Product Manager who obviously can’t find the time to keep this product going.  I can speculate lots of between-the-lines reasons why Posterous is closing, but that doesn’t help.

What this means is that the TigerTails Radio website will be down at some point in the near future, for an unknown length of time.  Might be a day or so, might be longer.  Depends on how long it takes me to find a replacement service or learn how to use WordPress.

If the site is due to be down during showtime, our social media (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) pages will have all the connection info, though I’m half tempted to dig the old TTR site out of retirement (it’s mothballed at the moment, so I can easily revert to it) while the changes take effect.  We shall see.

I’ll post more info as and when I can.

– Thomas King

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