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Season 7 Episode 54?

Join us at 10pm GMT tonight for a special show, featuring TK, Hedgie, and Felis as they give 2013 the farewell it deserves, and see in 2014 with a mini celebration. Did you think 2013 was a good year, or a bad one? Join us in IRC and voice your opinions… And if things go well enough, we may even attempt a call-in or two over the Google Hangout.

So if you’re not going out for the New Year, why not join us for a few hours of fun, chat, ranting, and stuffing 2013 into a box and drowning it in the North Sea.

Getting Ready…

With the events of the Drunk Show well and truly erased from our minds (especially in TK’s case), the crew have been hard at work in getting things ready for Season 8. The first challenge was getting the mess that we called TK’s Booth cleaned up and sorted out. This was a problem as a lot of TK’s things were still stored in his father’s garage… And his dad needed the space back. With a lot of hard work, swearing, shopping at Ikea, and some help from Hedgie and Angel Darksong, the new-look booth for TK has been completed.

So, for Season 7 the little off camera area known as TK’s Booth looked like this…

For Season 8 things have turned around, so no longer will TK have his back to the cast in the other room. The booth now looks like this…

The move has also freed the window in TK’s room, so the summer shows might be slightly more bearable, with improved airflow through the studio. Exciting times!

With everything in TK’s booth now set up correctly, a forthcoming Gaming Weekend for TigerTails Gaming will be a nice test for everything. If all goes according to plan, expect Season 8 to be appearing very soon in the New Year. Sunday 20th July 2014 will be the day TigerTails Radio hits 10 years old, so Season 8 looks to be a very special series indeed. Make sure you don’t miss a moment of it.

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