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Season 8 Start Date?

The next step on the journey towards Season 8 of TigerTails Radio has begun…

Following the sale of BE Internet to Sky, the cast have decided that it is time to break the shackles of ADSL2 and jump to the realm of Fibre! While it is only Fibre to the Cabinet, it should be a lot faster than the previous Internet connection. This means that TK is looking at doing one or two things for the show – or rather the YouTube bit. Firstly, it has been decided that Hangouts are gone. They worked for Season 7, but as the recent New Year’s show has demonstrated, they are no longer fit for our needs. This means that a new streaming option is required – and may have been found. More on that later.

Of course there will be some changes going on in the new season. Due to Real Life issues, Xavier will be no longer able to join us in the studio. So we have agreed upon a system that will hopefully solve the issues – or at least Make Do until a better solution appears. This means we have a rovering reporter, dogging it out in the middle of nowhere, sniffing out good news and reviews for us all. And easily mutable by TK should it all get a bit out of hand. Hopefully this means we can get Angel DarkSong to appear more often and fill the seat left in the studio. Plus there’s Hedgie when he isn’t working.

The start date looks to be some time in February for Season 8, as that’s when new Internets should have arrived and Xavier’s equipment up and running. So watch this space, as more info will arrive as soon as we get it.

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