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And We Return…

Not that we ever left, but the Google+ Plugin for WordPress failed, prompting a reinstall of the site. The database was undamaged though, so things should be pretty much back to normal. Got to love my web hosts, who don’t do WP support but did point me in the right direction. Much love goes their way. The TigerTails Gaming site was restored by deleting the G+ plugin. Simple when you know how.

As for the Internet problems that affected the show tonight, this is being looked into by BT and we should know by Wednesday what the state of play is.

For now, I’m going to edit tonight’s TubeCast as the YouTube direct feed will have missed bits. I might even push the boat out and sync the podcast audio to the video if possible so YouTube viewers can have cleaner audio and properly synced video! Call it an apology, if you will. I will then get back to NaNoWriMo – I’ve got a novel to finish.

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