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Season 9 Episode 21 Podcast Uploaded

With just TK and Xavier in the studio today, there is nothing to stop the pair waffling on as they are prone to, allowing the duo to have a massive Done and Dusted rant about Doctor Who’s final episode of the series, even if TK did have to abandon the show briefly to take an important phonecall during the show. Bad man he is. Traditional technical foul ups plague the first few minutes of the show as per normal, but it soon sorts itself out.

Starring TK and Xavier.

Music played on today’s show:
Song 1
Cheetahmen II – C.H.E.E.T.A.H. by PrototypeRaptor

Song 2
The Eyepatch of the Tiger by Nostalvania

Song 3
Devotion and Deception by Derek Oren, Jeremy Robson

Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Doctor Who Series 9


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Getting Back To Normal

With NaNoWriMo done and dusted, things can start to get back to normal here on the TigerTails Radio website. The archives of previous shows will be updated with the full details where possible and full listings of any songs used shall be added.

This should happen all around the normal show schedule of 8pm UK time every Monday evening, so don’t think that the website getting all lax means the show isn’t still on. The show must go on, but the admin of the website was sidelined as TK prefers writing over updating websites…

The lazy sod.

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