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For those paying attention, during this downtime between Seasons 9 and 10, the studio is being reformatted so that all the audio equipment is removed from TK’s room and moved into the lounge so that all the cast in the studio can be on camera at once (camera angles allowing). Not just that, but thanks to White Virus (from BeatPort FM, the new name of Virus Core Radio from the BritFur FM days) we now have some rather wonderful CD technology added into the mix. This means that we’ll be doing something resembling preparation before each show for Season 10. It feels strange and weird. Before all that, however, has been the task of moving furniture, and throwing things out in order to make space for all this to happen.Work in Progress
As you can see from the progress picture, things are well on the way. What you can see in the picture is the furniture now in the lounge with the Shoutcast broadcasting machine and the “XavierPC” (the one used for the Google+ Hangout with Xavier when he remotes into the studio) both in place. The mixers are in location, with the CD players below the black mixers, and the compressor under it all. What you can’t see is the chaos behind the camera, as one section of the lounge is ruined to make another tidy. However, once TK’s room is sorted, things can be put straight. This means things are still on schedule for our restarting in November as planned.


Now, to wrap this post up. There are still a few things to be wired in for TigerTails Gaming, plus one or two other bits or bobs. Then there is the task of tackling TK’s room (which now no longer has any PCs in it). Watch this space for more info on when the show is coming back. All being well, early November for the test shows, with the main Season 10 starting mid-November with any luck. Until then, farewell.

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