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Another Year Young

Well, would you look at that, TigerTails Radio celebrates another year. Albeit during the Off-Season this time. Back on this day in 2004, TK and Hedgie started wibbling into a couple of microphones to a few people on AOL Instant Messenger. How times have changed… In the 15 years the show has been around we’ve gained much better equipment, a stable platform, the ability to play music (legally), and a camera into the studio that’s real time (albeit with about 15 seconds of lag). Gone are the days of a frame every 20 seconds in tiny pictures. The 24kbps mono stream is now 128kbps stereo, coupled with 720p HD visuals. This allows us to play games with you, the audience. Gone are the old instant messengers of the past, and now we have Discord, which allows text chat, but also for Xavier to dial in and for guests to join via voice chat. The vision mixer allows for smooth transitions between the games, music titles, and cameras without that second of silence as the HDMI switch tries to keep up.

So, with 15 years under the belt, what does the future hold? Well, Season 12 is coming. Due to changes to TK and Echo’s work schedules the show might be 90 minutes instead of 2 hours, so there may be a short re-jigging of the format. When the new season starts there will be all the usual social media posts – something that probably won’t be remembered as the season goes on (can’t break with that tradition now, can we?). The normal cast should be back in attendance with Hedgie popping in when he has the time. If you haven’t yet, why not subscribe to the YouTube channel so you can see when we’re due to go live. We pie Echo if we get to 500 subscribers, so if you subscribe we can get to that goal even faster.

Watch this space. TigerTails Radio will be back soon…

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