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Season 12

So, a little later than originally planned, it looks like things are gearing up for Season 12 to begin. Later than planned as the PC that usually broadcast the show was being argumentative and refusing to edit videos properly. That’s now sorted, so expect the rest of the post-gunge interview videos to be released in the next couple of weeks.

There has been a minor move of studio furniture to give a better viewing angle of TK during the show. Not quite as drastic as we’d hoped (we need a bigger studio) but certainly one that’ll work for now. No new equipment was required, but some cables have been replaced as they’d failed during the off-season – and will probably continue to fail during the season.

There will be some new things though, including graphics for the show. This includes a new banner for the YouTube channel, new thumbnails, and even a new title card. These are raring to go. There might be some new jingles too, because why not? Not only that, but there are some explorations into getting some new games to play on the show, not just Jackbox ones. Though Quiplash, Split The Room, Guesspionage, and Trivia Murder Party are certainly going to make a comeback due to their popularity with the cast. Also, there may well be some Done and Dusted reviews from a new regular contributor, but more on that nearer the time.

Finally, there may well be some changes to the show’s length and start time. Originally the show ran for 3 hours every single night of the week. This became 2 hours for Season 3 onwards, and the time has gone from 11pm start time to an 8pm start time. This is because A) we’re getting too old for long shows, and B) work commitments have affected the show timings. It’s looking like the latter reason may be coming into play again, and so at the moment TigerTails Radio Season 12 will start at 8.30pm and run until 10pm. This could change between this post and the start of the season, but for now the run time will be 30 minutes shorter. So we will be losing the Gaming News segment. We can’t promise Xavier won’t sneak something into the regular news though, for those who will miss that segment.

So when will Season 12 be starting? With any luck it’ll be going through the first test shows in early September. Watch this space, or our Twitter feed for further announcements. Until then, keep an eye on the YouTube page for new videos coming soon.

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