The Tenth Coming

It has come to this. Many nights and days of moving and sorting, reorganising and faff, all culminating in the ability to start the test shows for Season 10. So at 8pm GMT on Monday 21st November, TigerTails Radio Season 10 will return for the first night of testing. The first thing we will be testing is the YouTube Content ID system, as we have located 10 tracks which are all real songs but currently licensed to be played in videos worldwide. We will not be using all 10 (probably), but they’re there if we want them. We are looking to add more music into the format of the show, though, to break up the long spells of waffle. Music will be provided using a mixture of CDs and vinyl as we have the record player back in commission, with Creative Commons things coming from the laptop as per Season 9. This means that while music can still be submitted via the Submit page, you can now also email in any commercial song requests, and so long as YouTube will allow us to play it then we should be able to comply. That’s the theory, anyway.

Amendments on how the studio is wired are currently preventing games of Quiplash from working, but we’re looking for a workaround on that.

In happier news, there is a Discord server up and running for the show. Look on the right and you’ll probably see the widget which will allow you into the channel if you’re a Discord user. If not, we still have the YouTube comments and IRC as places you can chat. Those with a microphone and decent connection, however, may get the chance to join us live on the show if using Discord as it should be relatively easy to get people on air. There will still be the IRC channel running too for those who want to be there, as well as the YouTube chat thing – which we will try to monitor this season. Does this mean we’ll bring back things like 20 questions and Blankety Blank? Don’t know, we’ll see.

So, join us at 8pm GMT for Episode 00 of TigerTails Radio Season 10 – the first test show. Hopefully we won’t need to go to 00.5, but watch this space. Come chat in the Discord server or in IRC, and we hope you enjoy the show.

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