Season 15 – Episode 00

Guess who’s back! Better than ever before? You can be the judge of that. Episode 00, as always, is the Testing Show™ to make sure all the audio equipment works as it should, and video works as it should. TK tested a few things, some of which happened while the camera was live (lots of moving elements) and some of the “new tech” was disposed of in favour of the old. Sometimes newer isn’t always better.

Done and Dusted this week was the book Furry Planet by Joe Strike.
Like its predecessor, Furry Planet covers furry art, fursuits, “remarkable” furs and their creations…simply put, the amazing variety of ways furries express themselves. But furries aren’t the only ones who express themselves via anthropomorphic imagery; creators of popular culture and the fine arts also explore anthropomorphism in their work; you can find their creations onscreen, onstage, in libraries, art galleries and museums. Furry Planet’s chapters give equal time to these creators and their creations—and reveal how their work mirrors furry self-expression.
You can get the book at the following links:
Amazon (Affiliate link)
Visit the Publisher’s Website for links to online bookstores in the US.
You can also read this book for free by requesting your local library get a copy in, if they don’t already have it. Yes, this means supporting your local library, which everyone should be doing anyway! Books are important, people.

Featuring TK, Xavier Wolf, Hedgie, Echo, and Charleston Rat.

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