Season 15 – Episode 01

TigerTails Radio Season 15 Episode 01 has finally aired. We’re kicking the new season off with a bang, following the successful test show last Monday, by getting a special guest to join us on the show.

This week the cast (minus Charleston Rat who on holiday) by renowned furry author Kyell Gold to talk about writing, NaNoWriMo (as TK and Charleston are both doing NaNoWriMo this year), and Kyell’s new book The Price of Thorns (not to be confused with The Prince of Thorns, a very different book). Plus the usual assortment of Jackbox goodness to go with it.

More information on The Price of Thorns can be found on the official website. The book is scheduled for release on Nov 14 2023.
UK readers can get the book from:
Amazon – Affiliate Link
Amazon (Kindle Edition) – Affiliate Link
The Book Badgers
EU readers can also get the book from:
US readers can get the book from:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Argyll Productions
(This section will updated as more links become available)

Featuring TK Tiger, Xavier Wolf, Echo, and special guest Kyell Gold.

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