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With Season 9 bringing back music, we’d like to know what you want to listen to. The easiest way for us to receive song suggestions is via email, but feel free to suggest via our social media pages, or the comments sections of the website here. Most free music will be licensed under Creative Commons, but not all artists license under the CC banner so additional agreements are required.

Send the mp3 of the song to
Please also include the following information in your email:
Song Name.
Link to page where song can be downloaded.
Link to license information if not on download page (or attach a copy of the license if in PDF/Doc format).

If asking an artist permission to use their music on our behalf, please make sure you get a document from them granting TigerTails Radio the okay to use their music, or ask if they can email us at to give their consent and crediting arrangements. If a name is required, our lovely webmaster (Thomas King) is the person you want to namedrop.

Example Email:
[MP3 is attached]
Inside Your Brain by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

Social Media:
Post the link to the song’s download page, and give remaining details if character limit allows. If we can’t find the licensing agreement, we may tweet a reply asking for a link to it.

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